*General Comments – Middletown AFRC

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4 responses to “*General Comments – Middletown AFRC

  1. J. Thomson

    Seems like Cucia and Mile are 2 very viable sites drop the other 2 sites now and become good neighbors in this great community.

  2. army critic

    agreed Mile and Cucia stay on this list and move on..

  3. Dogsbody of the Occupation

    Bye bye Boardman Lane, hello Cucia Park. Is a celebration in order for the Advisory Panel’s diligence at finding Cucia Park in the nick of time to avert disaster? How come the AP could not find Mile Lane? It fits all the criteria but it would just be too mean spirited to rain on Middletown’s parade and point out its attributes at this late date. There are many Planning lessons that can be learned as a result of the past year’s experience. And how about the zoning issues that have cropped up under scrutiny of the Westfield area? Zoning is supposed to alert housing developers not to build fancy subdivisions in Industrial Zones. Did it work well here? A cookie-cutter approach has created a dismal quagmire with several IT properties now being recognized as practically undevelopable. So let’s pile on for the Cucia Park site and be happy that we have successfully accommodated BRAC 2005 as interpreted by the Army! Is it possible that this facility is in the best possible location and will bring much goodness to Middletown and its citizens? Rather far fetched. Could be much worse. But how much better for all if a logical, regional site selection plan had been in place instead of months of torture to achieve a celebration requiring false smiles of satisfaction.

  4. concerned resident

    If it needs to be in Middletown pick Cucia park or mile lane.

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