Cucia Park

Cucia Park Comments

Description: Smith Road at Industrial Road. The site is City owned. This site, submitted by the City of Middletown, is owned by the city. The site contains approximately 40 acres and is zoned industrial.

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48 responses to “Cucia Park

  1. Mayor’s Advisory Panel

    With the assistance of W. Warner (Director, Planning, Conservation and Development) the Panel identified approximately 55 sites having a total area over 25 acres, the minimum requirement as specified by the Army. From this list over 40 sites were initially removed due to several fundamental concerns such as a sites residential zone, impact on neighborhoods, isolation, extensive wetlands, floodplains, etc. The remaining list contained fourteen (14) sites (one site had two access options). A screening of these sites removed ten (10) from further consideration for multiple reasons including sale pending, abutting existing open space, prior delisting by the Army, prior Common Council opposition, topographic constraints or lack of an appropriate size. One property, Pratt and Whitney was also rejected because in our opinion the remediation of the site would clearly exceed the Army’s timeline for development.
    As a result of this review process four (4) sites remained for the Panel to evaluate in greater detail using the following criteria: Least Significant Environmental Impact; Enhances Middletown in a Meaningful Way; Creates Economic Opportunities; and, Consistency with Sound Land Planning; The sites are the Manthay Property, Bysiewicz Property, CL&P River Road Property and Cucia Park. Each panel member rated each site and criteria from 0 – 10 (highest value). One panel member was out of the city and could not participate but was in agreement with the panel findings. In total, six (6) panel members and the Director of Planning, Conservation and Development provided scores (Total, 7). The scores were averaged and totaled to arrive at a final score.

    Key Findings:

    The Panel’s key findings are summarized below:
    Cucia Park (#1, Score 34.6)
    • Exceeds Army minimum area requirements
    • Zoned industrial
    • Easy access to I-91 from the north and south
    • No residential neighborhoods impacted
    • Site bordered by industrial land and I-91
    • Utilities (water, sewer) adjacent to the property
    • No loss of tax revenue
    • Potential for broad community support
    • Potential revenue generator for the City
    • On an existing public transportation route

  2. Robert Barron

    I am against the Cucia Park site for the following three reasons.
    1. Middletown would lose a potential industial site that would bring considerable tax revenue to Middletown.
    2. The site would bring more traffic to route 372 which is already a very high traffic road serving Cromwell, Berlin, and Middletown, and a Lowes store currently being built will already bring more additional traffic.
    3. The site is in the Westfield section of Middletown which is home to a great majority of Middletown residents.

  3. Jay Johnson

    Cucia park is a poor choice for an army base.
    1. It is City owned property and is listed as a park. Middletown should not be selling off its property. It should be acquiring more property for park lands.

    2. It is likely that the City would sell the land to the army without asking for bids from other parties as required by city regulations (as indicated by the mayor at Mercy School). Middletown might undersell a city asset.

    3. Any revenue would probably be lost in the city budget without any long term benefit to city residents. (We must close this year’s budget type decision.)

    4. Cucia Park could be developed by the city as ball fields, walking trails and could be a future school site if required. Today the city would sell an asset that would be difficult to replace in the future.

    5. Traffic will impact residents nearby.

  4. Advisory Panel Critic

    A Park is very difficult to replace. Although the use of the park today offers an easy solution to a difficult problem, it may not be the best choice for the future of Middletown’s citizens.

  5. Cucia Park offers the Army an opportunity to site the facility on a parcel of land that is completely surrounded and deeply embedded within highly developed industrial lots. It is separated from residential areas on Smith Street not only by several industrial lots, but also by I91. The brick manufacturing company that preceded the park at that location left the land degraded and with less environmental value even than other land bordering a New England interstate highway. In the past 40 years, there have been no outcries from concerned citizens about maintaining or improving the park. The city has not had the resources to make the park usable or environmentally restored. As a result, the park is mostly “enjoyed” by out of town men who cruise in from I91 and sit in their cars in the parking lot or wander short distances into the woods.

    The army has repeatedly demonstrated with their actions that their goal is to build an enormous building and parking lot on pristine, open space, and in return take away from the Middletown the tax revenue that we would receive otherwise. Cucia Park offers Middletown a chance to avoid the loss of pristine open space and the loss of tax revenue.

    There is legitimate debate about whether Middletown is required by law to be the host for this Army facility. However, if that debate resolves itself in a way that forces Middletown to host another government facility, Cucia Park is BY FAR the least bad site for the military training facility.

  6. Lori Toussaint

    Cucia Park would be the best possible site over Boardman as it currently is pretty much an overgrown parcel of land and not a prestine parcel like Boardman which is host to Middletown’s 5th most valuable wetlands. The Cucia land does not appear to have any ledge issues which will eleminate the need for blasting.

  7. John

    Cucia is a great site, it would be a real signiture building at the end of Middletowns industrial park. Its convienent to all services in Cromwell and easy on and off the highway, no loss in tax base and best of all the plan can save the pond and wetland corridor which runs almost the entire length of Westfield for wildlife habitat and corridor..

  8. Anonymous

    I have lived in Westfield for over 30 years and that park is only good for drug dealing, prostitution and people meeting for sex…just go check it out any day any time and see all the men sitting in their cars or lurking in the woods…give it to the army and let them CLEAN IT UP for gods sake

  9. Cucia XXX

    I have lived in this town for over 30 years and that park is only good for drugs, prostitution and people meeting for sex. Go there any time any day and see men sitting in their cars and lurking in the woods— give it to the Army and let them clean it up for god sake.

  10. Waffling

    I am coming around to recognizing the benefits of this site for Middletown:

    1. Destroys habitat necessary for gentlemen requiring clandestine sexual encounters. (An adaptable species, they will soon find a new place to proliferate.)

    2. Probably preserves the little pond. (Get rid of the fish. They are too predatory.)

    3. City receives the proceeds. (Might be needed to buy Boardman and avoid unpleasant recriminations.)

    4. Dog Park lives! ( Mayor recognizes Benson’s social needs and designates proceeds for the benefit of all dog-kind.)

    5. Makes the Advisory Panel look like geniuses instead of ordinary idiots.

  11. Middletown Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission endorses the recommendation of the Mayor’s Advisory Panel that Cucia Park is currently the most acceptable site for the proposed Army base. Since this site will cause the loss of a City park, we strongly urge that the monies received from this sale be placed in a fund exclusively dedicated to the City’s Open Space program. There should be no net loss of Open Space!

    Sheila Stoane, Chair
    Middletown Conservation Commission

  12. P. Lawson

    This seems like the best of the four sites. As much as I would not like this to be in Middletown at all, or in Westfield, given the choice of these four, Cucia is the best choice. The city stands to benefit financially from the sale of this land, the site is not adjacent to any residences, the land is unlikely to be developed by any tax-paying entity. It has easy access to I-91 through a route that avoids all residential neighborhoods. The site is hardly a “park” – it’s more of a parking lot frequented by men sitting in cars.

  13. J. Thomson

    Lawson above is exactly right. Conservation Commision, Westfield Residents, the Mayor, the Planner, the Mayors Advisory panel all say Cucia works for the same reasons, lets get some money for a change, how to spend it isnt a bad problem to have…Common Council and PZ should also comment.

  14. Lori

    I would rather not see any woods or forest be destroyed, but if it must be Cucia then it is a better choice over Boardman. I went to Cucia park in the spring to check it out because I always saw cars there and I thought I would find a nice hiking trail. I high tailed it out of there because it gave me the creeps seeing grown men sitting in their cars, and it’s not until now I’m finding out why. YUK let the army drive those guys out of town.

  15. Bill Dougherty-

    I live within a mile of Cucia Park and drive by it twice a day during the work week. I fully support that for the site for the Consolidated Army Reserve Base – it’s access to Rt. 91 is convenient, it does not abut a residential area, and it will rid us of the obvious sordid activity that takes place there.

    The Boardman Lane site is completely unsuitable, there are about 100 homes adjacent or within 200 feet of the boundary lines. Add to that all the blasting that will be required to penetrate the ledge and this will be an environmental and economic disaster – environmental because the Boardman Lane site was listed as one of the top five most important wetlands within the City of Middletown, and economic because the blasting could potentially cause significant damage to neighboring homes and wells – the pre-blasting inspection fees alone will be expensive. It will entail bringing water and sewer to the facility – that’s already accessible at the Cucia Park site.

    Take Boardman Lane off the list.

  16. Maria Holzberg

    If Cucia Park is sold to the army for their new training facility, all the proceeds should be placed in the open space fund to purchase an equivalent parcel–but as open space-passive recreaction which is kinder on the City’s Park and Rec budget than a park.

    Further, the army should pay Fair Market Value for this parcel based of course on its highest and best use–industrial?

    Good Luck

  17. army critic

    Think of how much 3 loved and local businesses, Fongs and East Street Store and Package Store will benefit. Westfield is a better and more convienent place because of those businesses.

    Im all for Cucia PArk..

  18. Sept. 23,2008
    Cucia park is definitely the best choice for The Army Corp of Engineers. Access from major highways is excellent, no residential areas, and easy commute into Middletown for those army personal wishing to spend leisure time in a friendly, safe area.

  19. Ricard

    Cucia Park in the best possible site…if Middletown is required at all to have such a facitity…it is located at the end of a industrial park road leaving direct access for them..and it would not impeded upon residential life as it is now..

  20. Cathy Branch Stebbins

    I would prefer that the Army select a more economically-advantaged and less tax-stressed community than Middletown and move somewhere else. But if we are “stuck” as hosts, then Cucia is the best compromise for both sides.

    However, history does have a tendency to repeat itself. And if history is any indicator of future behavior, then Middletown will eventually end up with THREE environmentally contaminated sites courtesy of the US Army. It is hard to be a gracious tax-free host with that kind of legacy left.

    So beware. If the City agrees to offer this park to the Army, there should be stipulations and written agreements put in place that prohibits environmental contamination and limits the use of the property for only clean uses, or at least outlines the Army’s promise to clean up after itself when they are finished.

  21. Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission

    On September 24, 2008 the all-elected Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission endorsed the Cucia Park site with five (5) members voting in favor and one (1) opposed. The Commission recognized that the area has been planned for industrial development for many years. The site is in an industrial zone and has easy access to non-residential roads and the interstate highway system. The Commission felt that locating the facility at Cucia Park represented sound land use planning.

  22. Bill Warner

    I also want to point out that one P&Z Commission did not participate in the discussion and choose to abstain from the vote.

  23. Sandi F.

    I’m the first to enjoy a good park but unfortunately Cucia isn’t one. The one time I tried to walk there with my child and dog I felt uncomfortable and unsafe. It is overgrown and neglected, no playscape, no good trails, nothing to do. We aren’t losing much by letting it go, we are gaining funds and not losing tax base like we would with Dooley/Boardman.
    It’s a win-win, or as much of a win as we can possibly pull out of this. It has everything the army needs – access, utilities, privacy, and lacks one thing the army doesnt need – angry neighbors.

  24. Tom

    I vote for Cucia, it makes all the sence in the world. Army make Middletown happy and proud to host your facility.

  25. Larry McHugh

    The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce represents 2,400 businesses that employ over 50,000 people throughout the region where the Army will be locating the new training facility. The Chamber strongly supports the Mayor’s Advisory Panel recommendation to sell Cucia Park to the Army for the new Regional Training Facility. Should the Army select either the Bysiewicz property on Middle Street (an approved 12 lot industrial subdivision) or DiScala property at the end of Ken Dooley Drive future industrial growth for the city and region will be seriously impacted. It will also have a devastating impact on private job creation and lost tax revenues. Cucia Park, on the other hand, is a potential win-win for both the Army and City of Middletown. This site has the least impacts on Middletown’s neighborhoods, the environment and traffic patterns and no impact on tax revenue growth. The Chamber welcomes the Army and the new training facility but Cucia Park will provide the opportunity to bring the City, Army and neighbors together.

  26. westfield resident

    Wow that should seal the deal, the chamber represents over 2000 businesses and is very active in veterans affairs, McHugh should call the Governor and have her order the national gaurd to select this site. Its the perfect solution.

  27. Dog in a Manger

    Not a bad site at all! Surprised that the impetus to resist the Army in Westfield stopped with Boardman but willing to concede whatever residents prefer.

  28. Lori Iannucci

    As one of the residents of the Old Farms Association, I endorse Cucia as a viable choice for the army base.

    I also believe that the impact on residents, traffic, water supplies, not to mention the absolute destruction of the surrounding environment makes Boardman Lane the the worse possible choice.

  29. Bill Hawkins

    The mayor’s advisory panel did a great job in a very short time of selecting a list of preferred sites for the base that must be built in Middletown.
    No “ifs” ands or buts. In my opinion the Cucia Park site is very workable with its infrasturcture, access to the interstate, and the fact that it is really a park in name only. This site could work for the residents and for the military.

  30. Arline Rich

    As a 38 year resident of Middletown’s Westfield section of town, I hate to lose any more open space and further reduce the wildlife habitat but a DO favor Cucia Park for the Army’s proposed training facility. It meets all of the Army’s requirements. It is in our industrial IT Zone, north and south entrances to Interstate Route I-91 are very nearby, the park acreage more than meets the Army’s reqirements, topographically it is mostly flat, there are no abutting residences and the utilities are available.

    Arline Rich

  31. Follow-up to Middletown P&Z meeting

    I was present at the Middletown Planning and Zoning meeting on Wednesday 9/24. What is posted by the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission may be “true”, but it misrepresents what transpired as far as this citizen is concerned.

    On 9/24/2008 the publicly elected members of Middletown’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted 5 to 1, with one abstention, to uphold an unofficial resolution that was read to them, regarding locating the ACOE project at the Cucia Park site.

    What the commissioners might have ” felt” or “recognized”, is a mystery to me. There was no “discussion” among commissioners on any of the points made in the “unofficial resolution”. It was not discussed that this vote would be posted to this web site, by the commission itself. The topic was not on the written agenda for the P&Z.  It was clear to this observer, that more than half of the commission members where surprised when initially being asked to vote on this unofficially resolution. When one member asked why they where being asked to vote on this, the response was that it was the last chance for P&Z–given their meeting schedule and the tight time line of the ACOE–to show solidarity with the rest of the city in support of the Cucia Park site.

    I was dismayed to see how this was handled for the following reasons.

    1. What is the point of voting on an informal resolution?
    2. Why would any planning and zoning commission make any kind of vote on any land use project without first hand knowledge, written documents, details, facts, figures, zoning codes, and property lines in front of them. That is what they have been elected to do.

    3. Why would this site be preempted (which it seems might have happened) from at least the possibility of a formal presentation to the P&Z by the developer — the Army?

    4. Cucia Park may well have deserved the full support of the P&Z once it was fully examined by their own standards. Instead, I’m left to wonder.
    It is unfortunate if the ACOE timeline does not fit with the P&Z meeting schedule, but that does not obligate the Commission to vote to endorse the use of a site, that as a commission, they have not reviewed or discussed in all of it’s ramifications and details. I would rather have seen a discussion about how to get around the timing problem, and a vote to withhold any endorsement, based on an unfortunate lack of information outside the control of  the commission. Is this a binding endorsement?. It was not on the agenda.  Commissioners had no documents in front of them to go on.  I do not think the public meeting was officially closed, before the commission vote was taken.

    I hope I have conveyed that the “endorsement” posted by “Middletown Planning and Zoning” did not meet any of the standards we have come to expect and anticapate from the oversight of elected officals and our planning and zoning commission.

  32. Westfield Resident

    Cucia Park is, unfortunatley, an underused, blighted space that is not a safe public park for any of our residents. The army facility on this site would improve this area, clean it up and take the space away from drug dealers. The area is surrounded by industrial buildings, and its access to 91 and commercial retailers on 372 makes sense for local business. I would love to see the base built here where it is surrounded by other industry, and not in a spot that would directly affect Westfield residents and take away our pristine country farmland.

  33. Michael Rogalsky

    As a Middletown resident and also the Commander of the Vietnam Veterans of Middletown, not only do I recommend the Cucia park site, the veterans in our Chapter also recommend this site for the Reserve Center.

    This area is located in an industrial area with easy access from the major highways. It is located on one of the local Transit Bus lines that operates in the area and would provide rider ship access right to the front door of the facility.

    Traffic impact would not change much on weekends from the existing weekday patterns that are already established in the area.

    It would also alleviate issues that would arise from locating the facility in or very near any heavily populated residential areas.

    Cucia park should be considered not only the #1 spot on the listings of sites, it should be the only site considered.

  34. Jennifer Mahr

    IF the Army has to build a Reserve Training Center in Middletown (and I guess we’ll never really know the answer to that particular questions), Cucia Park is the most suitable location: the City supports it, most Westfield residents support it, the city would actually benefit financially from the land sale instead of losing potential industrial revenue, and the Army facility would be a vast improvement over what currently exists in that location.

    In principle, I agree with those who are saddened over “loss” of a public park. However, I think most agree that no one in Middletown is proud of this particular park, and since we shouldn’t ever have to think about having ANOTHER Army Base in Middletown, we won’t have to have this conversation EVER AGAIN (of course, this is the 2nd Army facility in Middletown now, so maybe I can’t hope my words are true).

    I can live with this one-time exception to the rule of open space preservation if it means the Army is directed to a location that doesn’t harm residential neighborhoods or pristine open space.

  35. Tim Mahr

    As a veteran, I fully recognize the need to have modern training facilities to support our troops. At the same time, I am dismayed by the ‘open’ process of site selection that seems to be driven more by a restrictive timeline than by meaningful dialogue with the residents adjacent to the proposed facility.

    Middletown has some beautiful open spaces that should remain that way. Cucia Park is not one of them. The sordid activity that appears to exist in this park needs to be stopped. Construction of a new Army Reserve Training Center seems like the absolute BEST way of halting the activity that has been going on here.

    I fully support the selection of Cucia Park. It is settled entirely within an industrial area, has easy access to I-91, and is not directly adjacent to any residential communities.

    I also feel that any proceeds that Middletown receives from the sale of this property to the Army should immediately be invested in the acquisition of more open space to replace this acreage with an amount equal to or greater than what would be lost.

    I believe that the Army should be REQUIRED to clean up the site at Mile lane if they will no longer be using it as a result of the construction of this new facility.

    To reiterate what others have already said, the Boardman Lane site should never have been on the short list of possible sites due to the value represented by the wetlands it contains. It should be immediately removed from further consideration.

  36. Westfield Resident

    Please choose the Cucia Park site for the Army Facility in Middletown.

    It is the only one that makes perfect sense. It would be a win-win for the City and the Army.

    The other sites leave a lot to be desired. Some more than others.

  37. David Goldner, Jr.

    Of all the sites being considered, I believe that Cucia Park would be a good choice. There seems to be a lot of community support for this site and, the beauty of the setting will provide those men and women who serve this country an enjoyable place to be during training times away from their families. Hopefully, the Boardman Lane property could be purchased by the city as open space and a way of preserving farmland which seems to be rapidly disappearing within the state.

  38. Westfield Resident

    Best that you take Cucia Park and say thank-you to the City of Middletown before Richard Blumenthal challenges the “if” working in the BRAC legislation and you never get your facility.

  39. Middletown Council of Veterans

    On Tuesday, 23 September 2008, the Middletown Council of Veterans heard a presentation from Middletown Councilman and member of the Mayor’s Advisory Panel, Mr. Ronald Klattenberg. Mr. Klattenberg’s presentation was about the objective evaluation his panel conducted of potential sites in Middletown for the Army Regional Training Facility. Upon completion of Mr. Klattenberg’s presentation, the Middletown Council of Veterans concurred with the panel’s findings and voted to support the panel’s recommendation of Cucia Park as the primary site for consideration.

    The Middletown Council of Veterans is made up of the active veteran organizations resident in Middletown. These organizations are: 169th B Company Meds Veterans, 169th K Company Infantry Veterans, American Legion Post 75, American Legion Post 206, Catholic War Veterans Post 1166, Disabled War Veterans Chapter 7, Jewish War Veterans Post 51, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 583, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1840, and the Veterans of the Vietnam War. The council’s mission is to act as liaison between the veteran organizations and the city of Middletown, provide counsel to the city in matters regarding veteran and military affairs, and organize local ceremonies and parades recognizing our veterans on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

    Joseph Kokoszka, Commander

    Submitted by M. W. Steadman, Assistant Adjutant

  40. Joseph Getter

    As a Middletown resident and home owner, I would like to voice my agreement with several writers above that Cucia Park seems to be the best solution to the problem of where to site the new Reserve base. However, I strongly believe that the Army and State of Connecticut should have also considered sites outside of Middletown as well, since Middletown has well more than its fair share of properties that cannot contribute to our tax base, and also, doubts persist about the interpretation of the BRAC legislation to mean that the new base must indeed be in our town.

    I would like to add a small point that I have not seen stated anywhere yet: it may be possible to situation the new building at the Cucia location in such a way that it is visible from I-91. Thus, anyone driving past on this busy road would become aware that Middletown was home to the base, and hopefully citizens of other towns and state would appreciate that we have the facility in our town.

    Finally, I urge the City of Middletown to use the proceeds from the sale to the Army of Cucia (if this goes forward) to fund purchases of land for a park elsewhere in Middletown and for purchased of more open space. Let’s buy the Boardman site, and also some land in Maromas, and create open space and parks for our citizens to enjoy.

  41. Peter J Puma

    Cucia Park is the best location for both the Army & the City of Middletown. The Army’s will create a hostile home with a choice of the Boardman lane site due to the site problems and financial burden that will effect the residences of Middletown. The Cucia Park site turns a problem piece of property into a “win, win” situation for both the Army, the Town of Middletown and its residents.
    The Army must realize that it will be much easier to work with the town and its residence when they actual “listen” to the needs of the people. Forcing the Army’s scheduling and/or internal problems onto the backs of Middletown’s taxpayer because it is the easy course of action for the Army is NOT the solution!
    No to Boardmen Lane – – Yes to Cucia

  42. Mark W

    As a former member of the CT national guard, I welcome the Army, but there is a place for everything and Dooley/Boardman isn’t it. Cucia park may well be the ideal spot, and I want what is best for everyone concerned.

  43. Joyce Powzyk

    As a resident of Westfield, I am still waiting for the legal brief (i.e. “suitable land”) on the BRAC legislation by the Army. Unfortunately, the National Guard is stonewalling and in turn, has revealed a lack of transparency by Army lawyers.

    However, after reviewing the suggested sites, I endorse Cucia Park. Town budgets are often constrained by a variety of needs and it seems doubtful that Middletown would suddently have sufficient funds to develop Cucia Park with trails, playscapes, and ballfields. Yet here we have a parcel of land that is zoned appropriately, with excellent access. I can easily picture a National Guard Facility built in such a way that the base is integrated within the landscape, incorporating the pond and mature trees (for that campus feel). Unfortunately our system does not yet require Federal Facilities to build upon prexisting brown sites.

  44. Westfield Res

    The few good residents of Boardman Lane are privileged to live in single family homes on multi acre lots, enjoying views of land they do not own. The thousands of residents of Westlake live in multi unit buildings with no back yards and rely on public lands for access to any outdoor space. Cucia Park is within easy walking distance of the Westlake community. It is where fathers teach their kids to fish and families can explore the abundant wildlife along the wooded trails. People indeed use the picnic tables for picnics and others just like to take in the tranquil view of the pond. I consider the relocation of the Army site from Boardman Lane to Cucia Park to be a social injustice by transfering the burden from the privileged few to the thousands of less fortunate. I completely disagree with the Westfield Residents Association – Cucia Park should remain a public park.

  45. Westlaker

    Westlake residents should use the eqaully neglected park on Westlake Drive, including a pond and the river, that the Westlake Homeowners Association owns. The bike path goes right through it and Westlake residents dont even cut the grass. Westlake is full of open spaces they dont need to go to the industrial zone and Cucia Park.

  46. Westfield Resident

    Cucia Park is my choice–get rid of the riff/raff and put in the Military base there.

  47. Sandi F.

    I wanted to address a few comments made at the meeting tonight regarding not wanting to lose Cucia park. I didn’t have my notes with me at the meeting but re-read the common council resolution as soon as i got home and sure enough, here’s what it says:
    “Be It Further Resolved: if the Park and Recreation Commission and the Conservation Commission determine that it is in the best interest of the city to maintain Cucia Park, with a small parking area and pond for public use that said desires will be seriously considered by the EDC during negotiations”.
    I hope this drives home the point that we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by selling Cucia park.

  48. Dave W

    As someone who walks the trails in Cucia Park on a weekly basis throughout the year I oppose the sale of this land to the Army. It is good exercise for me and I prefer to walk in the shade of the trees rather than hike a trail across or around an open space. To be honest I am having difficulties reconciling my experiences at the Park with many of the comments on this posting. To my knowledge I have never seen a prostitute there, nor have I seen any inappropriate behavior other than kids digging for worms to fish with. To be sure I keep to myself and use the main trail that leads away from the front pond and parking lot. I would also like to point out that there is very little dry flat land on the site. A large section of the park is the wooded slope that shields the view of I91. Most of the flat land below the slope is waterlogged 80% of the year. These problems can be resolved by the Army, but there would likely be a major change in the landscape. It would not surprise me if the slope needed to be clear cut and then bulldozed flat before any construction started.

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