Comments on Suggested Sites

The time period for posting comments on “Suggeted Sites” has expired.  The comments submitted are listed on the right.


Suggested Sites
Suggested Sites


However, if you have any questions or concerns, please fee free to send them to the following email addresses: or

Please Note:  Comments must be posted by September 29th in order to be included in the packet forwarded to the Site Identification Team.


2 responses to “Comments on Suggested Sites

  1. Dennis Cronin

    Why is it mandatory that the site be in Middletown? A reader in The Hartford Courant posted a commentary that the development space at Rentschler Field in East Hartford would be a logistically ideal location; and I agree. It seems there is a significant amout of opposition to the proposed sites in Middletown, and another site in CT would be a better alternative.

  2. Vic & Ann Loffredo

    We would like to give you our site selection for your facility in Middletown, Ct.

    We have lived in this area for 39 years and we are aware of the parcels of land that were selected. My husband and I believe that Cucia Park on Smith St. will provide you the location, ultilities and flexibility that you will need. We hope that it will meet all of your requirements.

    Vic & Ann Loffredo
    63 Boardman Ln
    Middletown, Ct. 06457

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