Mile Lane removed from list

Proposed sites not ranked by Army


LOUISVILLE, KY – The U.S. Army decided to not rank the sites for the proposed Middletown Armed Forces Reserve Center to ensure the sites are evaluated fully under the National Environmental Policy Act. In addition, the Army removed the former Mile Lane Reserve Center site from the list of viable sites.


The following sites will continue to be reviewed in the NEPA process:


·        Cucia Park

o       Description: Smith Road at Industrial Road. The site is City owned. This site, submitted by the City of Middletown, is owned by the city. The site contains approximately 40 acres and is zoned industrial. 

·        Bysiewicz Industrial Park

o       Description: This site is on Middle Street and privately owned. This industrial site contains approximately 35 acres.

·        Ken Dooley/Boardman Lane

o       Description: Site submitted by developers and landowner. The site contains 37 acres in the Millennium Industrial Park on Ken Dooley Road and approximately 88 acres on the Boardman Lane site. Both sites are industrially zoned. 


The Mile Lane site has been removed from further consideration. The Army does not have an adequate basis under Base Realignment and Closure authority to retain the property under the same functional reserve mission. Mile Lane is currently surplused and scheduled for disposal to the community. Therefore, Mile Lane will not be included in the NEPA analysis or future site selection consideration.


The Army team is continuing the NEPA process on the three above mentioned sites which will result in a draft environmental assessment. Once the draft is complete, it will be available for a 30-day public comment period.  The Army tentatively expects the release of the NEPA Environmental Assessment in late March or early April for public review.


“No decision on a specific site has been made and will not be made until the completion and issuance of the final environmental studies,” said Col. Keith A. Landry, District Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville.  “I am confident, if we maintain the integrity of the process, the Army will make the right decision for the Citizen Soldiers of Connecticut, the Army and for the city of Middletown.”



For information, contact Todd Hornback at 502-315-6768 or Diane McCartin at 502-315-6853 or email at or 


The new campus is programmed to receive an Armed Forces Reserve Center, vehicle maintenance shop and a unit storage facility. Citizen Soldiers will use this campus for classroom training for distance learning and computer simulation, Human Resource and administration offices and vehicle maintenance.


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  1. we already knew that, so why do you keep wasting our time

    Colonel Landry:
    Why, in the middle of two wars, did you take all those army employees away from their jobs to come up to Middletown to tell us nothing?
    Why, in the middle of unemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosure, did you take our congresswoman, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Mayor, and representatives of our Governor and Senators away from their jobs to hear you tell them nothing?
    Puzzled in Middletown.