Army releases four proposed sites for the Middletown Armed Forces Reserve Center

Community comments requested  

LOUISVILLE, KY – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers release four proposed sites for the Middletown Armed Forces Reserve Center during a public meeting Sept. 17 in Middletown.

After two days of discussions, the site selection committee which comprised members from the Mayor’s Advisory Board, the Reserve, the National Guard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, looked at the feasibility of proposed sites to house the Armed Forces Reserve Center .

The suggested sites that have been recommended by the committee to move forward (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Bysiewicz Industrial Park
    Description: This site is on Middle Street and privately owned. This industrial site contains approximately 35 acres. The site has city water, sewer and storm water utilities. Gas and electrical not at the site currently but are expected.
  • Cucia Park
    Description: Smith Road at Industrial Road. The site is City owned. This site, submitted by the City of Middletown, is owned by the city. The site contains approximately 40 acres and is zoned industrial.
  • Ken Dooley/Boardman Lane
    Description: Site submitted by developers and landowner. The site contains 37 acres in the Millennium Industrial Park on Ken Dooley Road and approximately 88 acres on the Boardman Lane site. Both sites are industrially zoned.
  • Mile Lane
    Description: This site is the former Middletown Reserve Center. The site is government owned and has approximately 25 acres.

The Army requested site suggestions from the community at the public meeting Aug. 27. Submitted sites were required to meet these criteria:

  • In the City of Middletown to meet Base Realignment and Closure Law
  • Adequate Build-able Acreage
    • Within budget/schedule
  • Environmental Constraints
  • Available/Willing seller

Comments are welcomed from the community via email, telephone or blog. The sites are listed on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blog which can be accessed directly at or via a link from the Corps Middletown Armed Forces website at

Comments will also be accepted via telephone Todd Hornback at 502-315-6768 or Diane McCartin at 502-315-6853 or email at or

“We want to hear community concerns and comments on these sites,” said Diane McCartin, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District project manager.

In addition, the presentation is available at the blog or Corps website.

What’s next?

Site Identification Schedule:

Sept. 29 (Specific date to be determined) – Public meeting to receive comments on the four sites
Sept. 30 (Specific date to be determined) – Submit list of sites with public comments to the Army Reserve
Oct. 1 – Convene Site Identification Meeting to list sites in order of preference
Oct. 17 – Complete Draft Site Identification Report and forward for approval
Oct. 30 – List of viable sites approved, subject to NEPA review

“The Army must identify potential sites by October to stay on track. The project is scheduled to be ready in March 2011 but must be completed by September 2011 or the BRAC funds disappear,” McCartin said. “We may be on a fast track with the project, but we must also follow all required laws while we move forward with the project.”

The new campus is programmed to receive an Armed Forces Reserve Center, vehicle maintenance shop and a unit storage facility. Citizen Soldiers will use this campus for classroom training for distance learning and computer simulation, Human Resource and administration offices and vehicle maintenance.




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2 responses to “Army releases four proposed sites for the Middletown Armed Forces Reserve Center

  1. Lori Iannucci

    The citizens of Middletown have continued their opposition of Boardman and we will continue to oppose it, and yet the Army continues it’s undaunting interest. I will repeat: BOARDMAN LANE IS UNSUITABLE. I believe by this time, the Army has heard all the reasoning behind Boardman’s unsuitability so I will not go into further details. If however, the Army needs more details, please contact the Westfield Residents Association or me personally.

  2. Dates ?

    Are the dates posted correct? Or am I misunderstanding your use of the language?

    “The project is scheduled to be ready in March 2011 but must be completed by September 2011 or the BRAC funds disappear,” McCartin said.

    Did you mean must be completed by September 2110?
    Please explain.